A gorgeous shine may be achieved on your home’s exterior while protecting the paint job and removing dirt, mold, and mildew. You might question why individuals don’t pressure wash their homes every week after learning about all these advantages. In actuality, frequent outside cleaning can harm the siding and even the paint job of your home. On the other hand, skipping cleaning your house might cause it to deteriorate over time due to different environmental conditions.

So how frequently should your property be power washed? Let’s discuss several approaches to this problem.

When to Power Wash Your Home Following Storms

Since the wind scatters dirt and debris and rain or snow pushes moisture down the side, bad weather can cause serious damage to your property. As long as no other inclement weather is predicted, you could think about power cleaning your home soon after a storm if it sustains significant damage. In addition to giving your house a fresh coat of paint, doing this will enable you to see any potential damage more clearly.

Preparing For A New Coat Of Paint

Power washing your house can assist get rid of any old, flaking, or chipping paint so that a fresh coat will adhere to the surface better. In general, homeowners may wait between 5 and 7 years before having to repaint their fa├žade. You should power wash your home more regularly than this, of course. Powerfully washing your property’s exterior is crucial before hiring expert painters to paint your house.

Preparing Yourself To Sell

When you’re placing it on the market is another fantastic opportunity to engage power washing services. After all, the value and marketability of your property are significantly influenced by its curb appeal. Of course, you could live in your house for a long time before considering selling it. Therefore, even while you should thoroughly clean it before selling it, this shouldn’t be the only time you use power washing.

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