Although pressure washing is an excellent technique to improve the curb appeal of your house or business property, not all surfaces can be pressure washed safely. A pressure washing expert will determine surfaces suitable and dangerous for pressure washing.

The following surfaces are among the nine things you should never pressure wash:

Road Shingles

Your roof’s asphalt shingles shouldn’t be pressure washed since doing so will destroy the protective granules. Additionally, the strain may cause your shingles to come off, resulting in repair troubles and perhaps even water damage. A skilled pressure-washing specialist can identify the parts of and around the roof that can be pressure-washed safely and know the best ways to complete the task.

Finished Wood

Additionally, it is advisable to stay away from wooden furnishings and surfaces. These surfaces need to be handled carefully and with a particular, soft-touch approach that is kinder to the surface since the pressure and heat of the power washer might rip stains off them.

Lead Paint

Lead paint is another surface that you shouldn’t pressure wash. Pressure washing shouldn’t be used on lead paint since it can peel, damage, and shatter the paint, releasing particles into the air and the surrounding environment. Lead paint is extremely poisonous and harmful; it should always be avoided, and these surfaces shouldn’t be pressure washed.

Old Mortar

Pressure washing can harm ancient mortar and weathered brick walls because it can remove granules and other loose particles, further damaging your surface. Use a softer cleaning technique to remove algae, grime, and debris from these surfaces rather than power washing old mortar and loose bricks.


Consider using a pressure washer to clean a car. Don’t pressure wash your car; doing so might result in minor dents and paint chips, which could cause corrosion. For best results and the least likelihood of dents, dings, or damage, wash your cars by hand using a soft cloth.

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